Brunch Run to Riebeck West

After a couple of months of planning, punting and name gathering the much awaited day dawned for our ‘Brunch Run’ to the Riebeek Valley Hotel .

Dawn broke to fantastic weather for an early start to head for the Winelands One Stop and rendezvous with all the other members that were going to join us for the run scheduled to start at 9:00am sharp! The participants started arriving and the numbers began to swell, how wonderful it was to feel the spirit of motoring fellowship amongst the members and guests ,fantastic to see all the cars which wowed the public hanging around the One Stop, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing! Its always great to have people enjoying the sight of the cars and you could hear them and the nostalgic excitement and inevitable questions, “My Dad Had one!”, “ ooh look theres a Jaguar!” “Wow that’s a Hudson!” , “ This ones a V8!” “ heres a Stud!” “Look at that Mercedes!” “ Oupa het so ene gehad!”and the host of other happy and excited comments we all get to hear which adds to the enjoyment of owning classics and sharing them with enthusiasts.

The cars kept rolling in and the numbers growing! We were all set for a great run, it was great to see all the cars and the occupants , we had in excess of 25 cars and 55 people…talk about “Gees”!!

At just after 9:00 members were welcomed, the route explained and at 9:15 we were off with the Vauxhall 12 being the oldest car leading to set the pace and Jan Potgieter bringing up the rear and keeping an eye out for stragglers.

After a relaxed drive past Klapmuts and on through Malmesbury we turned off to Riebeek Kasteel and pulled over after a few kms to regroup and take a few photo’s then it was on, turning off at Riebeek Kasteel and arriving all safe and sound with no problems at 10:30 to be met by still more members and nicely in time for Brunch to be served at 11:00.

We were greeted by a superb continental buffet put on by the hotel in a separate private room complete with swimming pool! Following the buffet we were treated to an English breakfast which ensured that all were well fed and happy to relax and walk around admiring the wonderful Hotel, its history and setting .

After brunch we all went our merry way with most taking a slow drive home after a most enjoyable outing.

Grateful thanks to all the management and staff of The Riebeek Valley hotel and to Jan Potgieter for liaising with the hotel and keeping them updated as the numbers grew.

Finally a huge thank you for the wonderful support of all the members, their families and guests for making the run so successful and enjoyable.

Weereens aan almal wat bygewoon het, dankie vir die ondersteuning en hopelik kan ons nog baie van sulke toertjies in die toekoms saam geniet.