Once you have visited the Club and made up your mind that you want to join the EFCC, then the following will be typical procedure:

• Fill out the application and indemnity form. The application form should be complete with names and signatures of the proposer and seconder.

• Submit the application form together with payment to the Secretary.

• The application will then be put to the Executive Committee of the Club, followed by a period of probation.

• This period of probation, or time taken to decide whether an applicant’s application will be ratified, works both ways. The Committee has time to verify the applicant’s bona fide. The applicant has time to finalise his/her decision whether to join the Club or not.

• *During this time the applicant shall also demonstrate his/her support of the Club by attending meetings/functions.

• The Committee may accept or reject any application without giving any reasons.

• The indemnity forms are to be completed and signed by you and your spouse , which enables you and your spouse to attend and participate in any club events.

All Club correspondence and queries must be directed to the Chairman.

Follow the links below to download the applicable forms :


Introduction to EFCC

Application Form

Indemnity Form

Applicable to persons living locally.
NB – Please attach indemnity form with your application form!